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For us, connection comes first. It's one of our main inspirations in this journey we're on and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. We have fallen in love with documenting the love of our couples in real time. 

Let's get the ball rolling.

More About Us

I first fell in love with photography at an early age while  diving into boxes searching for photos of my late father. I realized that a single photo contains so much. It preserves a moment when it has been long extinguished. A single photo can transcend you back in time making the memories almost tangible. 

Simply, we're camera folks.

We're Stephen & Morgan.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," is what were often told. I feel like that is a massive understatement. Do those photos of old bring back a sense of nostalgia for you? Does it bring back the the memories of how you felt? Imagine being able to turn back 20 years and look back at you most precious memories and recieve all the feelings you remember! 

Why photos should matter to you too.

We're storytellers...

Morgan and I love a good afternoon tea break. We love going on long walks through our neighborhood. We are also, avid golfers, so chances are, if were not shooting a wedding on avSaturday, a safe bet is you can find us hitting the links. Fun fact; Morgan is better than me. 

Long drives and afternoon tea dates

With four years of Collegiate golf between the both of us(Morgan 4,Stephen-0), We find ourselves on the links every opportunity we can get. Yes, Morgan is that good. 

We love to Golf

Were extremely competitive people, so to get our fix, we spend our free time playing a lot of board games. Settlers is by far our favorite!

we roll the dice on some board games....

Like clockwork, we have family dinners every Thursday night to catch up with our weeks and what exciting things have happened over the past 7 days. 

Thurday night dinners and time with family.

I definitely cant get to bed without getting my heart racing with a suspenseful show.  Ozark is by far my favorite show. We can chat about its ending if you're interested

A binge of Ozark and a good glass of water before bed.

In our free time...

what to expect


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